Aker Solutions To Explore Carbon Capture Potential At Equinor Refinery In Norway

Aker Solutions To Explore Carbon Capture Potential At Equinor Refinery In Norway - Carbon Herald

Norwegian engineering firm Aker Solutions has secured a contract from energy company Equinor (NYSE: EQNR) to conduct a feasibility study for the Mongstad Industrial Transformation project in Norway’s Vestland county, according to a statement from the contractor published Wednesday.

The project seeks to revolutionize the existing refinery site, slashing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and evolving into a low-carbon industrial hub that showcases viable, safe, and economically sound solutions.

The study’s scope encompasses the development of a new greenfield facility dedicated to producing blue hydrogen from natural and refinery fuel gas, alongside implementing a carbon capture and export mechanism.

Additionally, it includes plans for a new facility to manufacture sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from municipal solid waste, promising emissions reductions exceeding 70%.

Aker Solutions will conduct a comprehensive analysis covering both new and existing facilities, incorporating brownfield, greenfield, and third-party technologies to explore future operational options.

Consultants and engineers from the company’s offices in Oslo, Bergen, and Mumbai are engaged, bringing expertise in onshore and downstream project execution, gasification, CO2 storage, brownfield development, and integration.

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Roddy Macpherson, Aker Solutions’ Senior Vice President of Consultancy, expressed enthusiasm for the collaboration with Equinor, highlighting the project’s potential to leverage industrial synergies for low-carbon solutions and sustainable fuels amid a global push for decarbonization.

He emphasized Aker Solutions’ track record in navigating commercial uncertainties for pioneering projects worldwide, leveraging engineering prowess and a deep understanding of the evolving energy landscape.

The Mongstad refinery, a medium-sized facility in Europe, currently emits approximately 1.7 million tons of CO2 annually.

Equinor aims to drastically curtail emissions from the site as part of its sustainability efforts.

The feasibility study is currently underway, marking a significant step towards accelerating Norway’s energy transition and repurposing its sole remaining oil and gas refinery into a hub for future energy sources.

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