Aker Floating Carbon Capture Technology Gets DNV Approval

Aker Floating Carbon Capture Technology Gets DNV Approval - Carbon Herald
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Aker announced that its proprietary Just Catch Offshore™ floating carbon capture facility has received validation from leading energy expert and assurance provider DNV. 

The unique modularized facility will be able to provide carbon capture services to offshore installations, thus advancing the decarbonization of the power sector. 

And now with DNV’s official seal of approval, the solution is set on a path to be deployed and capture the CO2 emissions from offshore oil and gas fields. 

In Norway, where the Just Catch Offshore™ facility is set to come into operation, the oil and gas industry accounts for roughly 25% of the nation’s total carbon dioxide emissions. 

And in the new race to reduce their carbon footprint, offshore carbon capture and storage (CCS) is shaping up to be a very promising and attractive means of slashing emissions. 

Aker CEO Valborg Lundegaard commented on the recent qualification, saying it “further strengthens the trust from the global offshore market in our Just Catch Offshore™ offering.”

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The validation from DNV confirms that it is fit to withstand the region’s harsh weather conditions and severe temperature fluctuations.

Before it can be deployed, however, the modular floating carbon capture facility from Aker will first need to go through the traditional field development project steps, which includes a FEED phase, operational support and EPC delivery. 

Aker has been hard at work developing its  Just Catch Offshore™ solution since 2018, perfecting and optimizing it to make sure its modularity will allow it to fit any type of application with gas turbines.

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