Aker Carbon Capture To Perform Feasibility Study At U.S. Mineral Production Facilities

Aker Carbon Capture To Perform Feasibility Study At U.S. Mineral Production Facilities - Carbon Herald
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Aker Carbon Capture has secured a deal to perform a feasibility study for the implementation of its carbon capture technology at mineral production facilities located in the U.S. Midwest, according to a company statement published Friday.

The initiative is aimed at achieving a combined capture capacity of some 1.5 million tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually, using the company’s Big Catch concept.

The core objective of the feasibility study is to conceptualize and establish the design and cost framework for the implementation of Big Catch CO2 capture and conditioning facilities.

Big Catch facilities can be fully integrated into the emitting production sites, and boast advanced heat integration and downstream integration capabilities, which significantly reduce energy consumption by enabling the recycling of energy throughout the entire production process.

Jonah Margulis, Head of North America at Aker Carbon Capture, characterized this project as a vital step in the company’s strategy to expand into the North American market, citing a surge in demand for carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) in the region and strong backing from the U.S. Government in terms of tax and other incentives for the deployment of these technologies.

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North America holds a leading position in global CCUS development, boasting a substantial portfolio of announced projects in development and operational capacity.

According to Norwegian independent energy consultancy Rystad Energy, by 2030, the total CO2 capture volume in this market could reach 200 million tons per year.

Mr. Margulis further highlighted Aker Carbon Capture’s growing presence in the United States, this being the third study that they have been awarded this year.

This brings the company’s total capacity under study contracts to more than 3 million tons of captured CO2 per year within the U.S. market.

Currently, Aker Carbon Capture is working on seven carbon capture units in Europe, with a cumulative capture capacity of 1 million tons of CO2.

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