AirMiners Launchpad Is Accepting Applications From Carbon Removal Startups!

AirMiners Launchpad Is Accepting Applications For Batch #3! - Carbon Herald

AirMiners Launchpad is now accepting applications for its batch #3 of the 6-week program for start-ups and entrepreneurs interested in developing the next big thing in carbon removal!

Those willing to pitch their idea are welcome to fill in the application form on the AirMiners Launchpad site by the end of 2021. 

The initiative is aimed at providing support for individuals and early teams that have innovative, creative solutions for carbon removal – anything from an idea to a prototype will be considered.

Each Launchpad lasts 6 weeks, and every participant is allocated 6 hours per week for that period. This includes 90 minute live workshops and about 4 hours a week of customer discovery interviews.

Applicants are welcome to present their ideas whether or not they have a prototype.

All applications will be reviewed one month before the start of the next batch, upon which they will be contacted by AirMiners with further details. 

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The program is designed to help start-ups and solo-founders even at the earliest stages of their development, so those interested need not worry about how far they are on their timeline. 

In fact, applicants are encouraged to apply before they have gotten into an accelerator. But even participants who have received funding and might even be shipping a product are also welcome to apply. 

In addition to finding support with this program, solo-founders also have the unique opportunity to get in touch with like-minded entrepreneurs that may become their future co-founders. 

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The AirMiners Launchpad also does not discriminate when it comes to applications for different types of carbon removal. As long as your idea results in decreasing the levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, there is an audience for it. 

Entrepreneurs and start-ups are not the only ones the AirMiners Launchpad is interested in, however. 

The organization also welcomes accelerators and investors to get in touch and explore collaboration opportunities. 

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