AirMiners Launches “Insurance Innovations Unleashing Carbon Removal” Event

AirMiners Launches "Insurance Innovations Unleashing Carbon Removal" Event - Carbon Herald
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AirMiners – the go-to place for anyone that wants to start a company in the carbon removal space, is launching a new event that aims to insure the path of carbon removal growth. The event is called “Insurance Innovations Unleashing Carbon Removal” and is taking place on Wednesday, Jan 25th, 2023 online from 12 PM – 13:00 PM PT. 

People can sign up for the AirMiners event here. It will feature novel and bold innovations in the insurance of carbon removal – an exciting new space that is now emerging in the sector. Insurance for carbon removal buyers and investors is a function that is seen as critical to reduce risks, improve bankability of startups and carbon removal projects and enhance the odds of success for such emissions reduction initiatives. 

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Speakers at the event will be startups and companies that are familiar with the topic or offer innovative insurance solutions for parties in the carbon removal sector:

  • ​Natalia Dorfman, CEO and Founder, Kita
  • ​Ted Christie-Miller, Head of Carbon Removal, BeZero Carbon
  • ​Mischa Repmann, Senior Sustainability Risk Manager, Swiss Re
  • ​Charlie Sidoti, Executive Director, (moderator)

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Insuring climate risks is one side of the equation that determines the outcomes of projects that reduce carbon emissions. De-risking climate solutions is a critical ingredient that could accelerate their growth and probabilities of success.

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