AirMiners Gets $300,000 From DOE, Proceeds To Phase 3 In DAC EPIC Prize

AirMiners Gets $300,000 From DOE, Proceeds To Phase 3 In DAC EPIC Prize - Carbon Herald

AirMiners has received a $300,000 cash award by the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management (FECM) at the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) after it emerged as frontrunner in the Direct Air Capture (DAC) Pre-Commercial Energy Program for Innovation Clusters (EPIC) Prize.

AirMiners, which brings together entrepreneurs, engineers, and scientists, and professionals from the carbon removal industry, has been selected as a finalist in Phase 2: “Move It”, which earns it a spot in the final Phase 3: “Prove It.”

In just two years, AirMiners’ program has nurtured 150 startups, securing an impressive $110 million in venture capital and grants, AirMiners’ CEO, Tito Jankowski, said in a comment to this achievement.

Beyond carbon removal, these ventures have facilitated carbon credit sales to major entities such as Frontier, Shopify, and Milkywire Climate Transformation Fund, underscoring their dual focus on environmental impact and commercial viability.

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The DAC EPIC Prize represents a pivotal opportunity for incubators to foster equitable and cutting-edge DAC solutions.

With a prize pool totaling $3.7 million, the three-phase competition encourages incubator teams to devise innovative strategies that empower DAC entrepreneurs and foster community engagement.

Eli Cain, DAC Prizes Lead at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL), emphasized the crucial role of clean-tech incubators in propelling DAC industry development.

He expressed enthusiasm for the initiatives crafted by DAC EPIC Prize finalists, anticipating their transformative impact in the upcoming phases.

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