Airbus Signs easyJet As First Airline Partner For Its Carbon Removal Initiative

Airbus Signs easyJet As First Airline Partner For Its Carbon Removal Initiative - Carbon Herald

Airbus has signed a contract with easyJet for its carbon removal initiative. This makes the British low-fare airline group the first partner of the Airbus’ Carbon Capture Offer. As part of the agreement, Airbus will use its Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS) to offer airlines global CO2 removal credits. 

Using DACCS technology, carbon dioxide emissions are filtered and extracted from the atmosphere using powerful fans, after which they are securely stored in underground reservoirs. While DACCS cannot prevent CO2 emissions from aviation, it serves as a complement to the utilization of sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) to reduce emissions to a minimum.

Thomas Haagensen, Group Markets Director at easyJet said the company beileves that carbon removal will play a key role in decarbonizing the hard-to-abate aviation sector. “Our ultimate aim is to achieve zero carbon emission flying and, as well as investing into important projects like direct air carbon capture technology, we are working with multiple partners – including Airbus – to accelerate the development of zero carbon emission aircraft technology,” he said.

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Airbus’ CO2 removal credits will be issued by its partner, Direct Air Capture (DAC) company 1PointFive, using the 400,000 metric tons of pre-purchased carbon removal credits, which will be distributed over a four-year period. Under the agreement between easyJet and Airbus, the airline’s carbon removal credits will remain effective from 2026 to 2029.

Julie Kitcher, Executive Vice President of Communications, Sustainability, and Corporate Affairs at Airbus said easyJet is a strong advocate of decarbonization, both within its own operations and for the broader aviation industry.

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