Air Canada Joins Direct Air Capture Initiative Led By Airbus

Airbus And Air Canada Sign Contract On Direct Air Capture For Aviation - Carbon Herald

Airbus has recently announced the signing of a contract with Air Canada for their carbon-removal initiative. This marks a significant step for the airplane manufacturer, as Air Canada becomes the first North American airline to sign up for the Airbus Carbon Capture Offer.

The initiative aims to use Direct Air Carbon Capture and Storage (DACCS) technology to provide airlines with carbon removal credits, helping them to advance their decarbonization goals. As part of the agreement, Airbus’ partner 1PointFive will be responsible for issuing the carbon removal credits.

This agreement includes the pre-purchase of 400,000 tonnes of carbon removal credits, which will be delivered over the course of four years. Air Canada’s portion of the credits will be applicable from 2026 to 2029.

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While it is not possible to directly eliminate harmful emissions from aircraft operations, the DACCS method offers the possibility of extracting an equivalent amount from the atmosphere.

The innovative DACCS technology employs powerful extraction fans to remove and filter CO2 emissions from the air. The captured carbon dioxide is subsequently stored beneath the ground.

This collaboration between Airbus and Air Canada further strengthens the shared commitment of the two companies towards advancing sustainability in the aviation industry.

Air Canada was one of the first airlines to enter into a partnership with Airbus in 2022, agreeing to discuss the potential advance purchase of certified and sustainable carbon removal credits.

Additionally, both Airbus and Air Canada revealed their investments in Carbon Engineering (CE), a climate solutions company located in British Columbia, Canada, to aid in the development of CE’s Direct Air Capture (DAC) technology, which extracts carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air on a large, industrial scale.

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This shared effort not only benefits the environment but also demonstrates the potential for collaboration between manufacturers and airlines to drive positive change in the industry. With the support of Airbus, Air Canada is poised to set a new standard for environmental responsibility within the North American aviation sector.

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