Air Liquide And Total To Develop Carbon Capture & Green Hydrogen

Air Liquide And Total To Develop Carbon Capture & Green Hydrogen - Carbon Herald

Energy giants TotalEnergies SE and Air Liquide have joined forces to work on developing carbon capture and green hydrogen technologies in France.

As part of the agreement, TotalEnergies will be making use of Air Liquide’s experience producing low-carbon hydrogen on its Normandy platform as a means of decarbonizing its processes.

In turn, Air Liquide will be operating on TotalEnergies’ Normandy site, which currently produces a total of 255 tons of hydrogen daily. In addition, the company will be connecting its own network, which will help optimize performance thanks to the network’s own hydrogen production facility in Port-Jérôme.

The said production facility is also equipped with a carbon capture system that has been operational since 2015. As a result, a large-scale green hydrogen electrolyzer will be added to TotalEnergies’ site, allowing it to begin producing green hydrogen.

Before that, however, an initial study will be required to determine the feasibility of implementing a carbon capture and storage (CCS) facility to reduce the CO2 emissions from the Normandy site. The carbon capture technology will be provided by Air Liquide, while the transportation of the captured CO2 emissions will be handled by TotalEnergies via its projects in the Netherlands and in Norway.

Both projects are expected to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by an estimated 650,000 tons per annum by 2030. And these expectations are fully aligned with the parties’ common goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the region by 3 million tons per annum by 2030.

And furthermore, the partnership is also in line with the longer-term goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050.

In addition to meeting climate targets, the carbon capture investment in the TotalEnergies’ Normandy platform will essentially better its industrial competitiveness, thus guaranteeing its future in the long run.

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