Air Company Starts Making Perfume From CO2

Air Company Starts Making Perfume From CO2 - Carbon Herald
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Tech start-up Air Company has produced the world’s first carbon-negative perfume from captured CO2 emissions. 

You may have heard of the New-York based engineering and technology company already when it launched its first line of products – carbon-negative vodka. That was back in 2019. 

Since then, the company started producing carbon-negative hand sanitizer shortly after the beginning of the pandemic. And now it has added perfume to its CO2-based products. 

What all three of these products have in common is ethanol, which traditionally is made from the fermentation and distillation processes of grains, such as corn. In turn, growing crops is a resource-intense process that requires land, water, and results in carbon dioxide emissions from the use of fertilizer and fuel. 

Air Company has come up with a solution that not only does not pollute the air with more CO2, but actually uses CO2 captured from the atmosphere. 

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The company’s process involved collecting carbon emissions from nearby carbon capture facilities installed at ethanol plants. The CO2 is then combined with hydrogen made from splitting water into oxygen and hydrogen. 

The entire process is powered by renewable electricity and runs on proprietary technology that results in the creation of ethanol – a prime ingredient in alcohol, perfume and many other products.

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Air Company’s Air Eau de Parfum is formulated at Joya Studio in New York. It has notes of orange peel, fig leaf, violet, jasmine and tobacco. And the start-up used synthetic scents for this blend due to their lesser environmental impact.

Initially, the new carbon-negative perfume will be produced in a limited edition. But with its help, Air Company intends to demonstrate what is possible in the realm of carbon-negative products to larger firms and businesses.

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