Air Company Launches First Sustainable Aviation Fuel Made From CO2

Air Company Launches First Sustainable Jet Fuel Made From CO2 - Carbon Herald
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Air Company has just debuted its Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) made exclusively from captured CO2 emissions. 

Made famous by its carbon-negative vodka that was first released in 2019, the carbon technology company has developed its CO2 utilization in leaps and bounds since then to include a range of other sustainable, carbon-negative products. 

Last year, Air Company added perfume to its line of products made from captured emissions. 

And now, thanks to its efforts, we may very well be on the path to decarbonize one of the most hard-to-abate industries, that is aviation.

Several airlines have already purchased over a billion gallons of the new fuel from Air Company available under the commercial name AIRMADE™ SAF, among which are Boom Supersonic, Virgin Atlantic, JetBlue, and others. 

Successful tests have already taken place with the United States Air Force and the completion of a first-of-its-kind unmanned flight using the company’s proprietary SAF. 

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And the quickly forged partnerships are indicative of the high demand for such fuel and the pressing need to transform the aviation industry. 

As a result of applying Air Company’s technology at scale, it hopes to slash carbon dioxide emissions by some 1 billion tons each year. 

Earlier this year, the company published a wihte paper detailing its single-step process of making fuel from CO2 using renewable electricity in the journal ACS Energy Letters.

“Our goal as an organization has always been to expand into industries where our technology will have the largest impact and the most CO2 reduction,” said Gregory Constantine, CEO and Co-Founder of Air Company.

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