Agreena’s Carbon Farming Platform Now Covers Two Million Hectares

Agreena's Carbon Farming Platform Now Covers Two Million Hectares - Carbon Herald

Agtech startup, Agreena, founded in 2021, has confirmed its leading position in Europe with the announcement that its pioneering soil carbon platform now covers two million hectares across 17 European countries. The company launched AgreenaCarbon to financially support farmers’ transition to regenerative agriculture, enabling them to take an active role in addressing the climate crisis by removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in their soils.

The magnitude of the two million hectares of AgreenaCarbon to regenerative farming practices with Agreena is equivalent to the size of Slovenia. More than a thousand farmers are now using the AgreenaCarbon platform demonstrating the potential for technology to support a shift in agricultural practices and farmers’ efforts to mitigate climate change.

“Carbon sequestration in agriculture is one of the top solutions to scale climate action according to the IPCC, but it can involve high upfront costs for farmers. Agreena leverages cutting-edge science and technology to convert climate-friendly farming efforts into high-quality carbon removal credits, delivering vital additional revenue to farmers,” said Julie Koch Fahler, co-founder and COO of Agreena.

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The company’s scalable impact is supported by its innovative tech stack. In 2022, Agreena acquired cutting-edge measurement, reporting, and verification (MRV) technology for regenerative agriculture practices, using remote sensing and AI to further build out its capabilities. Coupling soil sampling and ground-truth field data with advanced machine learning and computer vision techniques, the company is building out soil carbon intelligence at scale.

“Accurate, faster, and more transparent than manual farm audits, digital MRV solutions ensure that carbon farming programs can scale effectively,” says Fahler, adding that the company is uniquely positioned to continuously monitor and track what is going on at the field level to provide an extra level of trust and credibility for carbon credit buyers.

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To ensure integrity, data review and field inspections are undertaken by an independent third-party Validation and Verification Body prior to issuing credits for sale in the voluntary carbon market. This confirms that emission reductions and carbon removals have taken place, strengthening the quality of the carbon credits and their role as a viable solution on the path to net zero.

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