ADNOC And Fertiglobe Deploy Pioneering Carbon Capture System Developed By Carbon Clean

Adnoc And Fertiglobe Deploy Pioneering Carbon Capture System Developed By Carbon Clean - Carbon Herald
Fertiglobe CEO Ahmed El-Hoshy, ADNOC CTO Sophie Hildebrand, and Carbon Clean Chair and CEO Aniruddha Sharma. Image: ADNOC

ADNOC and Fertiglobe have partnered to introduce a groundbreaking carbon capture system, marking a significant step towards sustainable industrial practices.

The two companies have successfully deployed the world’s first cost-effective modular CycloneCC carbon capture unit at Fertiglobe‘s plant in Abu Dhabi. This nitrogen fertilizer plant, located in the Al Ruwais Industrial Complex, will now be equipped with the latest technology, which was developed by Carbon Clean.

This technology, known as CycloneCC, is a modular system designed to enhance the economics of point-source carbon capture in industrial facilities. The system effectively and efficiently captures CO2 emissions, providing a sustainable solution for reducing carbon footprints.

The traditional point-source carbon capture technology has always been a capital-intensive and time-consuming process, with projects taking years to complete. It relies on large towers and solvents to separate and capture CO2 from gas.

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However, Carbon Clean’s CycloneCC unit offers a game-changing solution. It utilizes rotating packed bed technology, allowing for prefabricated modular carbon capture units. These units are only half the size of traditional ones, making the process more efficient and cost-effective.

By implementing this first-of-its-kind carbon capture technology, ADNOC and Fertiglobe are pioneering a solution that has the potential to revolutionize the industry and set a new standard for sustainable practices.

This announcement aligns with ADNOC’s recent commitment to double its carbon capture capacity, enabling it to capture 10 million tons of CO2 annually. As part of its broader carbon management strategy, the company aims to create a unique platform that connects all the sources of emissions and sequestration sites in order to expedite the achievement of ADNOC and the UAE’s decarbonization goals.

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The captured carbon dioxide from the CycloneCC unit will serve as a valuable resource for an ongoing project by ADNOC to sequester CO2 within Abu Dhabi’s onshore carbonate aquifers.

The successful piloting of the CycloneCC technology also opens up the potential for its wider deployment across ADNOC and Fertiglobe’s operations.

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