Adaptavate Locks In $2.5M Investment To Scale Carbon Negative Construction Materials

Adaptavate Locks In $2.5M Investment To Scale Carbon Negative Construction Materials - Carbon Herald

Adaptavate – a company developing carbon negative construction materials, focusing on disrupting the conventional construction industry, announced in August another round of investment of £2 million ($2.54 million). 

The round has been led by Counteract, with Low Carbon Innovation Fund 2 (LCIF2), Semin, Perivoli Innovations, and several industry experts. It builds on Adaptavate’s previous seed round, announced in March 2022 of $2.84 million and subsequent support received to industrialize the development of its materials.

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The investment will go towards expediting the ongoing work on carbon negative formulations and carbon capture processes for developing and commercializing high-performing carbon negative alternatives to the most widely used construction materials. The company aims to license its technology to the world’s largest building product manufacturers and has already started conversations with potential partners.

Adaptavate is a UK company founded in 2014 that wants to industrialize carbon negative construction materials at a global scale, with a key focus on one of the world’s most used construction products: wallboard, and associated materials.

Its featured product – breathaboard, is a scalable, carbon sequestering alternative to one of the most widely used building products, plasterboard. It passively regulates the moisture in the internal space, it is 100% sustainable, made from natural non-toxic materials that can be used as a fertilizer for the soil at disposal. It is also fire-resistant and provides superior insulating properties compared to alternatives.

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It has been recognized by the construction industry as a revolutionary innovation that could help to address waste, resource security and sustainability of the construction sector. The company is currently working to validate and test the scalable and continuous production process to serve the market needs at widespread deployment. 

“This funding round is a pivotal point in the acceleration of Adaptavate and our aim to be the world leader in this space. With the support of like-minded funding partners, we are leading the carbon revolution of building materials as a form of Carbon Capture and Utilization (CCU). What I am most pleased about is that this funding round was oversubscribed, which shows the appetite for near-to-market, industrially scalable carbon absorbing technologies – even at an economically challenging time,” said Tom Robinson, CEO and founder of Adaptavate.

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