Adaptavate Launches First Production Line For Low-Carbon Plasterboard

Adaptavate Launches First Production Line For Low-Carbon Plasterboard - Carbon Herald
Image: Adaptavate

Adaptavate, a UK-based company specializing in the development of low-carbon construction technology, has announced the launch of a pilot line for manufacturing Breathaboard, its groundbreaking carbon alternative to plasterboard.

Breathaboard, akin to conventional plasterboard in application, boasts remarkable carbon-saving capabilities, reducing approximately 4 kg (2.2. lb) of carbon dioxide (CO2) per 1 sq m (10.7 sq ft) compared to its gypsum counterpart.

Given the vast market demand, estimated at around 13 billion sq m (140 billion sq ft) annually, the potential environmental impact of this innovation is substantial, according to a company statement.

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Powered by Adaptavate’s patented technology, Breathaboard utilizes fibrous and cellulosic by-products from food and fiber crops, combined with minerals and minimal water, to form a flat board material.

Notably, the production process eschews natural gas and absorbs low-concentration CO2, contributing to its carbon-negative profile.

Jeff Ive, CTO at Adaptavate, lauds the commissioning of the pilot line as a testament to the team’s dedication and vision for scalable solutions with global impact.

According to the company, Breathaboard production is already oversubscribed until the end of summer, with pilot projects set to commence shortly.

“Adaptavate really is rethinking and redesigning the way building materials are produced, used and disposed of,” Tom Harper, Managing Director of Unusual Rigging, the first company using the boards coming from this world’s first pilot line.

Tom Harper (left) and Jeff Ive (right)
Image: Adaptavate

Adaptavate’s collaboration with the British Board of Agrément (BBA) aims to secure certification for Breathaboard, further validating its suitability for widespread adoption.

Moreover, the company’s strategic focus on forging partnerships with major construction product manufacturers underscores its commitment to facilitating global adoption of low-carbon construction materials.

This pilot project has received funding from two UK Government grants (Innovate UK) and a consortium of climate-focused investors, including Counteract, Low Carbon Innovation Fund 2 (LCIF2), Perivoli Innovations, and SEMIN Group.

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