ACX Partners With EcoRegistry And Cercarbono To Promote Carbon Offsetting Through The Use Of Technology And Innovation

ACX (formerly AirCarbon Exchange) has joined forces with EcoRegistry and Cercarbono to help evolve the Voluntary Carbon Market, making carbon offsetting accessible and seamless for all. This dynamic partnership combines ACX’s expertise in exchange operations with EcoRegistry’s cutting-edge registry platform and Cercarbono’s role as a pioneering carbon credit standard setter.

William Pazos, Co-CEO and Co-Founder of ACX, said, “Together, we are transforming the carbon offset landscape, bringing innovation and technology to the forefront”.

Among the many benefits, the partnership will allow ACX clients representing 31 different countries to purchase and retire Cercarbono’s carbon credits held under EcoRegistry, while taking advantage of the use of interconnectivity to facilitate trades.

Juan David Durán Hernández, CEO of EcoRegistry, emphasized, “Our partnership empowers individuals and companies worldwide to contribute to carbon offsetting on a global scale”.

There is also the potential to develop a broader understanding of the use of carbon credits to pay regional carbon taxes, drawing on Cercarbono’s knowledge gained from its close involvement with Colombia’s approach to this growing area.

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While Colombia may have been the one of the first few countries to allow carbon credits to be used as payment for environmental taxes, others are certain to follow, with Singapore announcing a similar move last year.

Alex Saer, CEO of Cercarbono, highlighted the benefits of tax collaboration, stating, “This strategic alliance unlocks new avenues for utilizing carbon credits and encourages environmentally conscious practices through taxation systems.”

The other key area of mutual benefit is the widening of the respective companies’ client base via cross-referrals with project developers seeking to apply Cercarbono’s standards to establish carbon credits on EcoRegistry and know they have a clear route to market via ACX’s platform. The three-way collaboration between a registry, a standard setter and an exchange also has the potential to dramatically expand the membership of ACX’s exchanges globally.

More broadly, this latest partnership in a very active year for ACX, highlights the role the group sees itself playing as the bridge between the compliance and voluntary carbon markets. This strategic alliance empowers companies to cultivate confidence and trust in the value of the projects they aim to acquire credits from.

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