ACX And Carbon Offset Certification To Partner On Certifying Environmental Claims 

ACX And Carbon Offset Certification To Partner On Certifying Environmental Claims - Carbon Herald
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Air Carbon Exchange (ACX), a voluntary carbon market global exchange headquartered in the UAE, and Carbon Offset Certification, a certification protocol for CO2-neutral commodity transactions, products, and services based in Switzerland, will work together to support the commodity sector on its journey to reaching CO2 neutrality.

As part of the collaboration, ACX’s commodity, aviation, and shipping members will benefit from Carbon Offset Certification’s targeted approach to these industries. 

Carbon Offset Certification certifies credible environmental claims for commodities, products, and services. The company calculates the CO2 footprint (following recognized greenhouse gas emissions accounting standards), verifies the results through a qualified verification body, and then mitigates the emissions with CO2 credits that organizations can purchase and retire through CO2 markets access providers such as ACX.

ACX’s customers will thus benefit from an extra layer of certification for their CO2 offset practices and environmental commitments.

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ACX is growing both geographically and in terms of product offerings and the company needs to keep transparency top of mind, said Henri-Jean Bardon, Director of the Biofuels Platform at the company. ACX is committed to strengthening its verification and certification practices in all aspects of its platform and services, he also said. 

“As the demand for carbon offset-certified products and services is growing fast, efficient access to the carbon market is essential for companies,” said Paul Sébastien, CEO of Carbon Offset Certification. 

ACX and Carbon Offset Certification share the goal of offering complementary services for efficient CO2 markets access and solutions for credible and effective environmental action.

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