ABS Unveils Requirements For Liquefied CO2 Carriers

ABS Unveils Requirements For Liquefied CO2 Carriers - Carbon Herald
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The American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) recently published its industry-leading requirements for liquefied carbon dioxide (CO2) carriers. 

These requirements are the first of their kind in the maritime industry, marking an important milestone, both for shipping, as well as for the development of the nascent carbon capture and storage (CCS) sector. 

The newly published Requirements for Liquefied Carbon Dioxide Carriers by ABS are dedicated to the design, construction and classification for vessels that will carry liquefied CO2 (LCO2) as cargo.

As countries around the world begin to ramp up their efforts to capture and store CO2 emissions, we start seeing a growing need to transport vast quantities of the greenhouse gas (GHG).

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And particularly as many countries do not have the geology needed to store their emissions, LCO2 carriers will be the solution required to have their captured emissions shipped and stored elsewhere. 

Patrick Ryan, ABS Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, said: “The safe transportation of CO2 plays a vital role in the carbon value chain, and ABS is proud to use our expertise as the world’s leading classification society for gas carriers to support this sector of the global energy transition.”

“Our new requirements provide much needed guidance to minimize risks to the crew, vessel and the environment,” Ryan concluded. 

The full publication can be downloaded here.

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