ABB Expands Technology Development Collaboration With SaltX, Gets Minority Stake

ABB Expands Technology Development Collaboration With SaltX, Gets Minority Stake - Carbon Herald

Swedish-Swiss multinational corporation ABB (SWX: ABBN) has announced an agreement with Sweden-based SaltX (STO: SALT-B) to jointly advance technologies aimed at decarbonizing hard-to-abate industries like cement production.

As part of the deal, ABB will also become a minority shareholder in SaltX.

The focus of this collaboration lies in the Electric Arc Calcination (EAC) process, which revolutionizes industrial calcination by leveraging renewable electricity and capturing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions during the heating process.

Traditionally, industries rely on fossil fuels for heating, reaching temperatures as high as 1652°F (900°C).

SaltX’s EAC technology offers an alternative by utilizing electric plasma to achieve even higher temperatures, thus enabling the replacement of fossil fuels with renewable energy sources.

Under the agreement, SaltX will further enhance its EAC technology, while ABB will provide expertise in automation and electrification, contributing control and electrical systems to optimize the process.

This strategic partnership aims to accelerate the commercialization of SaltX’s innovative solutions for electrification and carbon capture.

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“SaltX gains an optimal industrial partner with extensive experience in scaling up and implementing new industrial technologies on a global scale, together with a substantial capital injection,” the company’s CEO, Carl-Johan Linér, said in a comment on the agreement with ABB.

The collaboration is poised to empower SaltX to play a leading role in driving electrification across various industrial sectors.

Michael Marti, manager at ABB Process Industries responsible for global growth, emphasized the significance of the collaboration in advancing decarbonization efforts.

By replacing fossil fuels with renewable electricity in calcination processes and enabling cost-effective carbon capture, the technology offers a practical solution to reduce emissions from industries like cement production, he said.

The partnership between ABB and SaltX originated in 2022 and has since evolved, culminating in the establishment of SaltX’s research and test facility in 2023.

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