A New Project To Explore Carbon Capture Technology In Shipping

A New Project To Explore Carbon Capture Technology In Shipping - Carbon Herald

SINTEF Energy Research – one of Europe’s largest independent research organizations is leading a project called CCShip that aims to reduce emissions from global shipping. The main objectives of the project are to explore carbon capture technology for CO2 reduction in ships and develop cost-effective solutions. 

The Norwegian shipping company Klaveness Combination Carriers has recently announced that it is joining the initiative in an effort to reach its carbon neutral target by 2030. The company is trying to cut emissions from its operations and is experimenting with innovative solutions like CCS. 

“We are excited to learn more about CCS and to contribute with our operational experience to this research project. We will continuously evaluate whether carbon capture may be one of the possible solutions for decarbonization for the Klaveness fleet,” said Engebret Dahm, CEO of Klaveness Combination Carriers. 

The CCShip project also focuses on investigating the potential of CCS in shipping as it comes to weight, compactness, integration, and efficiency. Apart from developing effective solutions that cut emissions in shipping, the project aims to figure out when CCS can become a more attractive technology than other solutions. 

The research will investigate various ship types and transport applications in terms of size, fuel type and voyage distance and their opportunity with carbon capture. The project will also consider newly built CCS installations and retrofitting of vessels. 

Carbon Capture Technology In Shipping

It is believed that carbon capture can help the shipping industry to meet its climate change targets until zero-carbon fuels become viable. However, a recent study has hinted that CCS onboard can even be more economically feasible than zero-carbon fuels. 

According to the CCShip leaders, however, solvent-based CCS is an expensive solution. Despite that, the technology of CO2 capture by solvent-based absorption has the potential to reduce more than 50% of shipping emissions. 

Apart from Klaveness, other companies that participate in the CCShip project are SINTEF Ocean, NTNU, University of Oslo, Seoul National University, Wärtsilä Moss and Calix Limited. The project is funded by Wärtsilä Moss, Calix Limited, the Norwegian CCS Centre NCCS and the Norwegian Research Council. 

The ship technology with CCS is one of the latest carbon capture and storage news gaining popularity. Collaboration between companies and research organizations is driving the development of CCS in shipping and allows cost-effective solutions to come to the market. 

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