95% Of remove Startups Are Still Active And Making A Difference

95% Of remove Startups Are Still Active And Making A Difference - Carbon Herald

Climate accelerator program remove is dedicated to supporting startups in the emerging carbon dioxide removal (CDR) space. 

And so far, the Swiss-based non-profit’s alumni are enjoying a 95% success rate – a profoundly unusual number for startups in any sector.

“CDR is fundamentally different from other industries,” Marian Krueger, co-founder and managing director of remove, told Carbon Herald on the latest episode of the Carbonsations podcast. 

“I thought this [sector] needs dedicated support. What intrigued me really was that, interestingly, the carbon market is actually more of a B2C than B2B market. And we realized this quite early on and said traditional B2B logic doesn’t apply here, so it probably needs a dedicated accelerator or support system for this to really take off,” Krueger stated.

To help newly formed companies in the carbon removal space, remove provides access to an intricate network of specialists and other stakeholders, who are currently shaping the industry. 

In doing so, the accelerator is aiding the establishment of an environment that will nurture and support trailblazers, who will eventually contribute to the removal of vast quantities of CO2 from the earth’s atmosphere, as identified by the IPCC as an inherent component of tackling the climate crisis. 

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Aside from cultivating a network of stakeholders in the nascent sector, Krueger also touched on the reliance of the voluntary carbon markets (VCMs) as a necessary means of scaling carbon removal for the moment.

“The VCM certainly is not the perfect instrument, given its legacy, but we’re kind of stuck with it for now. So we have to make do with it. I think it’s quite clear that we won’t get to the scale we need in 2050 without a move to compliance markets or government procurement,” Krueger said.

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