$520M Awarded By EU Commission To Five Carbon Transport And Storage Projects

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While there have been challenges to the role of carbon capture at COP28, the EU Commission (EC) continues with its steady support for establishing the industry.

Through its Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) will provide $520 million (€480 million) to five key carbon transport and storage projects that are set to become some of the first pieces of the value chain puzzle for carbon capture in Europe. The projects are:

D’Artagnan: $203 million (€189 million) will be directed to the project located near Dunkirk, France for the construction of a collecting pipeline and export terminal that help the local industrial hub and its surrounding export capture CO2 abroad.

Northern Lights: The flagship carbon capture project will receive $141 million (€131 million) aimed at constructing a 100km pipeline to a storage site, as well as expanding the CO2 terminal located in Øygarden, Norway.

Børre Jacobsen, Managing Director of Northern Lights commented on the announcement by saying: “I am very happy that the European Union has proposed to grant Northern Lights with CEF-funding. This confirms Northern Lights’s role as key for reaching European climate policy objectives, including contributing to a climate-neutral economy by 2050.”

Aramis: As part of funding for the Port of Rotterdam’s CO2 infrastructure $133 million (€124 million) have been earmarked for a 200 km undersea trunkline connecting the port to a future CO2 storage site in a depleted gas field offshore.

CO2next: Again as part of Port of Rotterdam’s package, $36 million (€33 million) have been allocated for an import terminal that will receive carbon dioxide from capture locations across different countries.

A further $2.7 million (€2.54 million) have been directed to fund studies for the EU CCS Interconnector located in Gdansk, Poland.

At the annual European CCUS Forum held several weeks ago 14 new carbon network projects were unveiled by the EU Commission, while a cross-border initiative between Denmark, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and Germany was also agreed.

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