44.01 And ADNOC Begin Carbon Mineralization Project In The UAE 

44.01 And ADNOC Begin Carbon Mineralization Project In The UAE - Carbon Herald
Credits: 44.01

ADNOC and the Omani startup 44.01 will kick off the carbon mineralization project in the UAE, which was announced earlier this year. The project involves extracting carbon directly from the air and converting it into rock. 

Abu Dhabi National Oil Company’s (ADNOC) pilot project will mix the CO2 with seawater and inject it into the Hajar Mountains, said Chief Technology Officer Sophie Hildebrand, as reported by BNN Bloomberg. The solution will begin to solidify into rock in the crevasses and nooks over the course of weeks, she said during a visit to the location in the emirate of Fujairah. 

44.01 aims to start injecting the CO2-seawater mix into a test well in the next few weeks, said the startup’s CTO Ehab Tasfai. Most of the carbon will turn into rock in three to four months, Hildebrand said. The start of the 44.01 operations will likely coincide with COP28, which will take place in the United Arab Emirates this year. 

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“The volume of rock here would have the potential to easily sequester all of the carbon dioxide in the UAE,” ADNOC’s CTO said. She did not specify ADNOC’s investment in the project, saying that the company aims to first test the technology before its full-scale implementation.

44.01 engineered the technology to trap carbon within peridotite rock, which is prevalent along the rugged coastlines of the UAE and Oman.

The UAE is emphasizing negative emissions to meet its climate goals, with Minister of Climate Change & Environment Mariam Almheiri highlighting the need for a 200 million-ton reduction in greenhouse gases by 2050. Adnoc aims to capture 10 million tons of CO2 annually by 2030. However, these efforts will only mitigate a portion of the 24 million tons of carbon emitted annually by the company through its oil and gas production operations.

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