3M Highlights Direct Air Capture During Climate Week NYC

3M Highlights Direct Air Capture During Climate Week NYC - Carbon Herald

American multinational conglomerate 3M is set to draw attention to direct air capture (DAC) technology during this year’s edition of Climate Week NYC.

In addition, throughout the course of several engagements, 3M will also emphasize on a collaborative pilot program for water stressed basins.

The aim of the company is ultimately to demonstrate how its science is advancing climate innovation and is allowing it to reduce its own carbon footprint. 

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Dr. Gayle Schueller, 3M senior vice president and chief sustainability officer, said: “At 3M, we recognize the urgency for delivering scalable climate solutions across various industries.”

Schueller also pointed out the fact that Climate Week NYC offers an excellent platform for 3M to strategize with like-minded climate advocates and come up with ways to speedily implement science-based solutions for the climate crisis. 

3M’s participation in the first net positive water impact (NPWI) pilot program for the Water Resilience Coalition (WRC) was announced by Schueller on Wednesday, at the CEO Water Mandate UNGA Corporate Water Stewardship Half-Day Event.

The company’s role in the pilot program will be to minimize water stress in specific basins on the dimensions of quality, quantities, and access.

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Aside from that, 3M also used the opportunity to present its collaborative effort with carbon capture leader Svante Technologies in the field of direct air capture (DAC). 

As a tech-based means of removing residual CO2 emissions from the atmosphere, DAC is a key climate solution that will require scaling, in order to achieve carbon removals at gigaton scale. 

Both Svante and 3M are currently working on the acceleration and development of scalable DAC solutions, including the development of a proprietary material called Sorbents-on-a-Roll (SOAR), which is a nanoengineered material used in Svante’s carbon removal filters.

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