3Degrees Launches Carbon Removal Suite For Streamlined Market Access

3Degrees Launches Carbon Removal Suite For Streamlined Market Access - Carbon Herald

3Degrees, a global leader in sustainability solutions, announced the launch of its innovative Carbon Removal Suite. The unique products are designed to facilitate corporate engagement with the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) market effectively and affordably. The Carbon Removal Suite, which aligns with the Oxford Principles for Net Zero Aligned Carbon Offsetting and other leading industry guidance, provides a strategic pathway for organizations to incorporate high-durability removals into their carbon procurement strategies. 

The Carbon Removal Suite offers two distinct products: 

  • CDR Bridge: Facilitates access to a wide array of verified carbon removals, focusing on nature-based solutions, complemented by a curated selection of hybrid and engineered solutions.
  • CDR Catalyst: Provides an opportunity for organizations to accelerate their commitment to emerging and innovative carbon removal solutions with an increased mix of engineered and hybrid technologies, complemented by nature-based solutions. 

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All credits in the Carbon Removal Suite are verified, tracked, and retired on public registries operated by the leading standards bodies. Each portfolio uniquely combines a diverse range of carbon removal project types, including emerging solutions like biochar and enhanced rock weathering. The portfolio composition is intended to evolve each year to support the advancement and scaling of a diverse set of CDR approaches over time.

Designed specifically to overcome prevalent market barriers such as cost-prohibitive pricing, limited supply, and significant applicability risks, the Carbon Removal Suite equips organizations of all sizes with the tools they need to effectively and sustainably integrate carbon removal strategies into their environmental objectives. Additionally, each portfolio aids organizations with net zero targets in matching residual emissions with carbon removals by tailoring portfolios that align with best procurement practices and their strategic priorities.

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“Recognizing that potential CDR buyers are facing a variety of challenges, we are thrilled to launch these two distinct CDR products to enable our customers to participate in the market for CDR credits with confidence,” said Ryan Pawling, Director of Product Portfolio at 3Degrees. “They are crucial not only for advancing removal technologies but also for achieving our shared long-term climate objectives.”

Backed by rigorous, project-level due diligence, 3Degrees provides a dependable avenue for companies to confidently engage with the complexities of the carbon removal market.

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