3 Most Unusual Ways Companies Use To Sequester CO2 From The Air

3 Most Unusual Ways Companies Use To Sequester CO2 From The Air - Carbon Herald
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These companies and scientists have come up with unique ways to sequester and thus remove harmful CO2 emissions from the air to help mitigate the climate crisis. 

Slowing down the rapidly rising global temperature is one of the primary challenges that society is faced with, and businesses and organizations around the world are coming up with innovative solutions. 

Carbon sequestration using nature-based and technological means is one way to pull CO2 out of the atmosphere, and here are three examples of intriguing technologies that have just recently emerged. 

Brilliant Planet makes microalgae – and it’s cheap as chips!

Startup Brilliant Planet is growing microalgae in coastal deserts in outdoor ponds to sequester CO2. Algae has long been known to be far more effective at pulling carbon dioxide from the air than land vegetation, but lab-grown algae has always been sensitive to even the slightest changed ins water quality. 

This has resulted in higher costs, but Brilliant Planet’s technology has reduced them to only a fraction. The company has also successfully tested the efficiency of its approach in Morocco. 

Australian almond growers are recycling their orchards

Scientists together with almond growers in Australia have established that recycling dead orchards instead of burning them can help sequester CO2 from the air and improve the quality of soil, thus increasing yield. 

Old trees are chopped up and added to the soil, as opposed to the conventional practice of burning them.

Scientists are turning waste plastic in carbon capture material!

Researchers at Rice University have discovered a new technique that allows them to convert waste plastic material into an effective CO2 sorbent. The new-found technology can be used in industry to help capture carbon dioxide from flue gasses, while also repurposing otherwise waste materials.

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