2,000 Leaders Urge COP28 President To Deliver 1.5C Aligned Outcome

2,000 Leaders Urge COP28 President To Deliver 1.5C Aligned Outcome - Carbon Herald
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Last week, as COP28 entered its final days, over 2,000 global leaders signed a letter urging COP28 President Sultan Al Jaber and all parties to deliver an outcome aligned with the 1.5C goal. 

Signatories include CEOs, governors, investors, Indigenous peoples, health professionals, young people, faith leaders, scientists, athletes, celebrities and more, representing all sectors and industries, including business, finance, philanthropy, politics, academia and civil society. 

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The letter is short, under a page long, yet it delivers a powerful message, stressing the urgent need to phase out fossil fuels and double down on renewable energy sources. 

Another point made in the letter refers to ‘putting a price on carbon’ in order to channel funds towards meaningful climate action.

The letter addressing the COP28 President also calls for the stop and reversal of deforestation by 2030 with an emphasis on protecting the land of indigenous peoples.

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