1PointFive Strikes Carbon Removal Purchase Deal With AT&T

1PointFive Strikes Carbon Removal Purchase Deal With AT&T - Carbon Herald

Carbon capture and storage developer 1PointFive, a subsidiary of Occidental, announced a new agreement of carbon removal purchases. The company released an update on March 13 that AT&T will purchase carbon dioxide removal (CDR) credits from STRATOS, 1PointFive’s first large-scale direct air capture (DAC) facility, currently under construction.

Under the agreement, the carbon removal credits purchased by AT&T involve the capture of CO2 and storage through durable saline sequestration. The deal is part of AT&T’s climate commitment to become carbon neutral across its entire global operations by 2035.

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“As we work towards achieving our Gigaton goal, we know that we need to find ways that AT&T connectivity can enable game-changing solutions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions at scale… Together with 1PointFive, we’re committed to driving adoption of high-impact, innovative technologies like DAC to help address climate change,” said Shannon Carroll, AVP of Global Environmental Sustainability at AT&T. 

1PointFive’s first large-scale DAC plant named STRATOS is scheduled to start operations in 2025 with an initial capacity to capture up to 500,000 metric tons of CO2 annually. The facility could also scale to 1 million tons per year if demand justifies it. The captured emissions are to be sequestered permanently, however, according to the company’s communication they can also be used in concrete, net-zero fuels, in fizzy drinks or to spur plant growth in greenhouses. The company will use technology developed by Carbon Engineering. 

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“AT&T’s carbon removal credit purchase is another proof point of the vital role that Direct Air Capture can play in providing a high-integrity and durable solution to help organizations address their emissions… We look forward to working with AT&T to help them achieve their climate goals while furthering our collaboration through the CCI,” said Michael Avery, President and General Manager of 1PointFive. 

1PointFive also announced to be joining AT&T’s Connected Climate Initiative (CCI), a collaborative effort to pursue connectivity-based solutions to reduce emissions by 1 gigaton by 2035. 1PointFive’s participation in the CCI is focused on increasing collaboration around carbon removal solutions.

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