1PointFive Starts Work On 55,000 Acre Carbon Capture And Sequestration Hub In Southeast Texas

1PointFive Starts Work On 55,000 Acre Carbon Capture And Sequestration Hub In Southeast Texas
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1PointFive announced yesterday that it has finalized an agreement for the lease of over 55,000 acres by the Gulf Coast of Texas. The location will be used for developing a carbon capture and sequestration hub that ranks as one of the largest in the world, with a potential capacity of 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide.

“This hub is located between two of the largest industrial corridors in Texas so captured CO2 can be efficiently transported and safely sequestered. Rather than starting from scratch with individual capture and sequestration projects, companies can plug into this hub for access to shared carbon infrastructure,” said Jeff Alvarez, President, 1PointFive Sequestration.


The Bluebonnet Hub spans three counties – Chambers, Liberty and Jefferson – all of which are in proximity to refineries, chemical facilities and manufacturing plants that line the coast from Beaumont to Houston.

The hub is expected to become fully operational in 2026 and will allow capture carbon dioxide from the industrial facilities to be pumped into saline formations that don’t have a connection to oil and gas production and infrastructure.

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The announcement follows the completion of a stratigraphic test well, as well as subsurface evaluations about the site’s quality and capacity to safely store carbon dioxide. The next step in the works is an application for two Class VI permits later this year.

On the “supply” side of the carbon capture project, 1PointFive is working together with a subsidiary of midstream oil and gas company Enterprise Products Partners L.P. on the development of the CO2 transportation infrastructure, that will collect and transfer the greenhouse gas to the Bluebonnet hub.

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