1PointFive And Matheson Tri-Gas Partner On Direct Air Capture In Texas

1PointFive And Matheson Tri-Gas Partner On Direct Air Capture - Carbon Herald

1PointFive, which is a subsidiary of Occidental Petroleum, and Nippon’s U.S. operating company Matheson Tri-Gas signed an oxygen supply contract for 1PointFive’s first direct air capture (DAC) facility located at the Permian basin in Texas. 

Matheson Tri-Gas will fund and establish an air separation unit to supply oxygen to Stratos, the site currently under construction in Texas’ Ector County. According to the company, the oxygen will be used to produce a pure stream of carbon which will then be stored geologically.

Stratos is set to start operations in the middle of 2025 and capture as much as 500,000 metric tons of carbon annually once fully operational. The facility could scale to 1 million tons per year if demand justifies it. 

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1PointFive will use technology developed by Carbon Engineering of Canada, which absorbs carbon from the atmosphere via potassium hydroxide. The firm has advanced product sales for the site, including CO2 removal credit purchases from Airbus, Shopify, and ThermoFisher.

Carbon capture, utilization and sequestration company 1PointFive develops solutions that aim to address climate change such as Direct Air Capture (DAC), point-source capture, geologic sequestration hubs and AIR TO FUELS™ processes.

Gas company Matheson Tri-Gas manufactures industrial, medical, and specialty gases, along with the related gas handling equipment in North America. 

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