10 Big Climate Companies Team Up With Isometric To Boost CDR

New Protocol By Isometric Will Optimize Biochar Production And Storage - Carbon Herald

Isometric has partnered with ten major companies in the climate industry to enhance carbon dioxide removal (CDR).

The companies, including Watershed, Patch, Supercritical, Klimate, CarbonX, Milkywire, Carbonplace, Wren, and CEEZER, have come together to leverage Isometric’s cutting-edge carbon credits. 

By teaming up with Isometric, these companies aim to provide their clients with access to high-quality carbon removal solutions that can make a significant impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The common goal that brings all the parties together is the urgent need for concrete climate action to address the ongoing environmental crisis. 

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While the companies partnering with Isometric are at the forefront of carbon removal, assisting businesses and individuals in reducing their CO2 footprint, they are all aware of the issue that carbon dioxide removal purchases are often only accessible to large corporations and buyer groups, while they mostly remain unaffordable for smaller players.

This limitation will be lifted through this collaboration, allowing the climate partners to provide customers of all sizes with the opportunity to obtain credits verified against Isometric’s stringent scientific criteria.

The significance of Isometric’s work is evident by the fact that various other platforms, such as Frontier, AlliedOffsets, and CDR.fyi, are enhancing their services by incorporating data generated by Isometric. Terraset is also offering a method for individuals to support carbon removal through tax-deductible donations. 

To facilitate collaborations with these other platforms, Isometric has introduced an Application Programming Interface (API) for the distribution and administration of its top-notch carbon credits. The combination of the Isometric carbon registry and the MRV APIs now offers users the opportunity to conveniently buy, oversee, and retire credits in real time.

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Increasing the availability of high-quality credits through these initiatives between Isometric and its partners is expected to increase the number of purchasers in the industry, which in turn will enable the CDR sector to grow. 

Streamlining the process for different types of buyers to join the market is of key importance in simplifying and popularizing CDR transactions, and with Isometric at the helm, these efforts are poised to drive meaningful progress in the fight against climate change.

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